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She Talks - WTM Delta GDG Delta University

We incredibly excited to announce partnership GDG / WTM Delta with SHE TALKS Community , the biggest Medical , Science , entrepreneurship & investment event taking place this November 30th.

SHE TALKS Event : Aims to have the voice of women scientists widely heard to reach decision makers with the target of a better future for female scientists. Moreover the group aims to raise broad awareness to the not fully exploited potential of the female intellectualism.

SHE TALKS Event : is about 11 Speakers of experts & young researchers and entrepreneurs in different fields .

SHE TALKS Event : also will be a fabulous opportunity for all women to get inspire, in this event you have a very good chance to enhance the scientific communications in science and entrepreneurship .

Agenda :

- What is GDG / WTM community .
- Business & Science and how you can make progress in both careers?
- Break + Booths .
- The Basics of Scientific Research Workshops .
- catching dreams.
- food & Nutrition .
- I am remarkable Workshop .
- catching Opportunities .
- Break + Booths .

To get the free tickets ... you have to stay active on our social media

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wtmdelta/ .
Twitter : https://twitter.com/WomenDelta .