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Introduction to Version Control with GitHub GDG/DSC JKUAT

Version Control is an important skill that you are required to have in the job industry, it is the key to building great software and collaboration with other team members, think of awesome projects that you know or have heard, from React, Angular, The Linux Kernel, Flutter, React Native, Android, all this are open source projects that anybody in the world can contribute but this is possible using version control.

On 22nd August 2020, we will be having a session with Kelvin Onkundi, a GitHub Campus Expert and Microsoft Student Partner on version control with Git and GitHub, the session shall cover everything you need to know to start contributing to awesome projects out there, so ensure that you don't miss.

We will also be offering a magic link to get you Developer tools worth Ksh. 4 Million courtesy of GitHub. To get a ticket for the session, RSVP here, for more info feel free to contact me on [masked]


See you then,
Kelvin Onkundi