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Couwa Punga !! As We always say "Sharing is Caring" We're GDG Fayoum Caring about Fayoum City to Make It Silicon Valley of Egypt Within few Years. GDG Fayoum refers to Google Developers Group Fayoum, "a group of developers that foster learning of Google’s developer technologies” We're Group of Developers that interested in Google Technology from ProgressiveWebApplications(PWA),Android of Things(IOT),FireBase,Python,Android,Tango,Machine Learning (TensorFlow),Day Dream, Google Assistant and Much more.. We're for sure will learn u to integrate the APIS/SDKS of Google New Technology in your Applications .We're more than APIS and SDKS :) .We're looking for Developers especially in Android .We're Calling for Speakers, Volunteers and Developers so Stay tuned!If you're not a Developer and want to learn so We recommend you to catch up us come to our events and Public Meetups (Especially CS01 Free Course to Exchange you from non technical to Technical one also We take monthly journies to High Schools to start planting seed for new developers !) !Our Events and Culture to know how GDGers work :Much Googly Swags ;) 1- DevFest is our Man Serial Annual Event that's our big Festival for Opensource Developers.2- Android Study Jam , Yea! We make android Workshops from Zero to Hero Freely in Charge!!3- IO Extended Events : Serial Annual Events , If you didn't make It to IO You can catch up our Humble Extended events where We discuss the new Technology and Products that Google released watching the Conference either Live Streamly or Recordingly ! 3-Codelabs in (Firebase,Android of things(Weave and Google Assistant),Tango Project,VR, We've Classes for Kids , Women and all categories :) .Don't Hesitate !! If you have an Idea dreaming to achieve It as application so We're your crew too :) 4- Keynotes are conference-like events where guest speakers are invited to talk about the Android ecosystem and the current situation in the industry both in Egypt and around the world.5- Hackathons are a workshop-like type of event where participants can form teams, work on different ideas, develop applications and share the knowledge with the rest of the community, if they like. The community is a fun and creative environment for developing on Android.GDG Fayoum engages developers and organizations by arranging multiple events throughout the year, including hackathons, insight keynotes, hackathones, developers' parties, and much more. Disclaimer: GDG Fayoum is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit https://developers.google.com/groups/


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