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GDG Les RosiersBlida, Algeria

Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, App Engine, and Google Chrome platforms, to product APIs like the Maps API, YouTube API and Google Calendar API.

In GDG Les Rosiers, we tend to think differently, through creating workshops and meetups that deal with technology in new way and manner, we deal with top technology that Exploit Android, and also the Web Technolgies from AngularJS / Polymer and more and we tend to share all this and more cause we believe that sharing is caring.

Women Techmakers Les Rosiers : 

Google is partnering with Women Techmakers to launch a series of global events geared towards increasing visibility, community, and resources for technical women in our industry.


Disclaimer: GDG Les Rosiers is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.