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GDG UmuahiaUmuahia, Nigeria

“Calling all Developers,Tech enthusiast,Game makers,3D designers,app developers,web designers,mobile developers,system analyst in Umuahia! I'd love to meet other developers,tech enthusiasts,computer nerds,etc. Every computer literate and enthusiasts is welcome (generally this is a group for anyone interested in technology story wise and practically)
lets get together to network,meet,spur ourselves,share ideas,know about new technologies,have picnics and take selfies *smiles*.
Google Developers Group Umuahia is a non-profit group in Abia State, Nigeria.We tend to use Google Technologies to touch and change lives in Africa by organizing conferences, schools challenge, meetups and other events that will inspire young developers. This medium will also let internet users know that Google is more than a search engine, email and photo album providers.

"Disclaimer: GDG Umuahia is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation".


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