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GDG ZariaZaria, Nigeria

Welcome to GDG Zaria, GDG stands for Google Developer Group and GDG Zaria is a community where programmers meet to discuss, network and work with several Google developer resources and products.

GDG Zaria — is a home for several varieties of individual, starting from Students, Lecturers, Youths, Kids, Adults and Female included. Our events spans from meetups, training, seminars, exhibition, code sprints and hackathons.

We cover areas like Web/Mobile technologies, IoT, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning

Our monthly meetups are FREE and open to the public. We feature tech talks, workshops, open discussions, and more that focus on development strategies relating to Google developer products. We welcome developers from the community to host talks or workshops.

Disclaimer: GDG Zaria is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit https://developers.google.com/groups/