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[online] September Golang meetup GDG Berlin Golang

Hello Gophers,
we survived the summer!

If you'd like to give a talk - submit your proposals here: http://goo.gl/forms/54YvJT223F

We're meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the month, online until end of 2020 and maybe longer.

If you'd like to suggest topics for the fishbowl session or if you have more ideas - talk to us at the Gophers slack: https://gophersinvite.herokuapp.com/ in the #berlin channel,

Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/gdgberlingolang
And on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-0_NXetb8X5LBnpAwIYKvw


19:00-19:25 Networking over your home beverage+drinks
(we're using Slido)

19:25-19:30 Welcome words

19:30-20:00 Roadmapper - Visualizing roadmaps written in plain text / Peter Aba

Roadmapper is both a CLI tool and a webservice designed to help visualizing and tracking roadmaps. It's also a testing ground for coming up with the holy grail of application testing with Go.

20:00-20:30 Announcements, HR lost & found, break

20:30-21:00 Context can wait! / Zain ul Abideen

A discussion on the pros and cons of Golang's context library, leading to a proposal and a proof of concept of contexts that can be waited upon.

21:00-end Networking

This meetup is being recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel


Peter Aba - Zalando (Lounge) @zpeteraba
Peter likes beer, coding and heavy, guitar based music. On good days he might enjoy all 3 at once when family is asleep.

Zain ul Abideen - Senior Engineer at fromAtoB
Zain is a polyglot engineer who hooked up with programming when he wrote his first piece of code in third grade using Logo. He's been professionally programming for the last six years, with Golang being his current choice of language. Nowadays, he works on expanding fromAtoB's platform by integrating new partner platforms.

🤓ABOUT AEROSPIKE - Our Virtual Host 🤓

Aerospike is a next-generation real-time NoSQL data solution. Unlike legacy NoSQL databases, Aerospike’s unique patented Hybrid Memory Architecture unlocks the potential of modern hardware, delivering value from vast amounts of data.

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