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GDG Mannheim / Rhein-Neckar Dev MeetupMannheim, Germany

Rhein-Neckar Dev Meetup is for fellow hackers, developers, and geeks who are into software development and modern tech. Our goal is to strengthen the dev community here and make the Rhein-Neckar Region a better place for developers.

Each meetup features 1 or 2 talks from mobile to backend development to DevOps to anything beyond (think Swift, Kotlin, Docker, node.js, Trebuchet, AI, data & analytics, collaboration & tools, etc) - topics will be announced up front.Afterwards, we are getting together over a beer and some food to discuss and connect.

Everyone is welcome!

Stop by, listen to interesting talks, get introduced to new technologies, deepen your knowledge in your areas of interest and learn from your fellows' recent experiences.

Recent and upcoming topics covered include:
- Tensorflow
- Kotlin
- Trebuchet
- Terraform
- Security Fuzzing
- iOS Exploitation
- react-angular hybrid
- Location Clustering techniques
- Git 101 & 102- Google Play Product Management Tools
- App Store Product Management Tools

If you're interested in sharing some of your projects, experiences or are interested in a specific topic, reach out at any time!

Disclaimer: GDG Mannheim is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit https://developers.google.com/groups/


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